Emla Cream

What is Emla Cream?

Emla Cream is a local anesthetic which contains lidocaine & prilocaine, these 2 active ingredients provide a great combination to numb the skin deviating pain from procedures which involve needles.

How does Emla Cream work?

Upon applying Emla to your skin, the main lidocaine and prilocaine ingredient prevent pain signals from the area of skin you’ve applied the cream to getting sent to the brain which essentially numbs the area of skin. This simply means, what usually would be painful procedures, unpainful.

Can Emla Cream help me with premature ejaculation?

Emla Cream is often used as a common treatment for premature ejaculation – it can help you increase your time whilst having penetrative sex if applied to the penis roughly 10-15 minutes beforehand. Before your start the sex it’s important you wash the excess cream from your penis and hands as the partner you’re having sex with can also contract numb effects.

Are there any side effects with using Emla Cream?

Side effects are rarely heard of but in the worst case, it causes some swelling and rashes on the application area, face, tongue and lips.

Where can I get Emla Cream?

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