CBD Oil 30ml 2.5% (750mg)


Cibdol CBD oil with 2.5% of CBD is one of the purest CBD oils available in Europe. It is made from naturally grown fiber hemp and doesn’t contain any additives. With Cibdol CBD oil, health-conscious consumers can now take advantage of the benefits of CBD without any mind-altering effects.



Cibdol is a renowned European manufacturer of 100% clean and pure, quintessential CBD oils. Cibdol CBD oils are made from naturally grown hemp and don’t contain any chemicals, GMO products or other impurities. Now introducing the new range of 2.5% CBD oils which offer consumers even more flexibility, allowing them to dose according to individual CBD requirements.

How to use Cibdol natural CBD oil 2.5%

Cibdol CBD oil is a dietary supplement and comes in a convenient dropper bottle. The new and improved formula for Cibdol CBD oil 2.5% ensures that you get the absolute most from your oil. Since Cibdol CBD oil doesn’t have any mind-altering effects like marijuana, health conscious users can now get our dose of CBD any time of the day.

The recommended dosage for Cibdol CBD oil 2.5% is 3-4 drops, up to three times per day. It can be taken with meals or without.

Cibdol CBD oil is a perishable and natural product. For this reason, it is recommended that you store Cibdol CBD oil in a dark and cool place, preferably in your refrigerator.

Contents: Dropper bottle with 30ml of 2.5% CBD oil