Emla - A Topical Anesthetic

elma topical anaesthetic

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Emla Cream is a topical anaesthetic which can be applied to the skin to numb the sensation of injections, tattoos and minor surgical procedures.

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EMLA cream is a local anaesthetic with has now successfully been used in the UK for over 25 years. EMLA cream is a topical anaesthetic which can be applied directly to skin in the form of a cream. The cream is available to buy from First 4 Meds in three different packs depending upon your desired usage.

Common Uses for EMLA Cream

EMLA Cream is often used to help numb the pain of a needle during vaccinations, minor skin procedures, blood donation and travel vaccination, as well as other minor surgical procedures.

How does EMLA cream work

EMLA cream works by blocking the nerves in your body from transmitting painful impulses caused by the needle or other medical appliance to the brain. This means that the pain sensation is significantly reduced when EMLA cream is applied to the skin.

Why buy EMLA cream from First 4 Meds

First 4 Meds is a UK registered pharmacy, meaning we can legally provide EMLA cream. We offer the convenience of being able to order directly on our website, however if you wish to speak to the pharmacist, our UK based pharmacy team are on hand to answer your questions over the phone.

We stock all variations of EMLA cream and are able to offer standard or express delivery on all offers. Simply select your preferred shipping method at checkout. We will always notify you as soon as possible if there is a problem with your order.

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